Hurricane Dorian


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 Dear Rotarians,

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This outreach is to let you know personally that Rotarians in the Southeastern US and our Sister Islands in the Caribbean are already organized in front of the storm, and we have the ability to accept Disaster Relief Contributions NOW! I've attached the contribution form which can be used for any form of contribution in general, or specified to a particular area affected by Hurricane Dorian.  A Hurricane Dorian Relief Task Force is formed, and modeled after the Hurricane Florence Task Force in our zones last year.

As you are a leader in our Rotary Clubs across the zones, I'm asking YOU to be a part of the Relief Effort NOW!  District Governors are 'on top of it' at the district level, but we need YOU to take charge in the local arena.  Share this information and the attached to all of the clubs local to you and thereby help us "Spread the Word".  You can also showcase Rotary locally by getting this information out to local media, and share it on your own personal Social Media posts.

Dorian is currently nearing the mainland on the Florida coast, and no one is sure what path she will take upon landfall and over the next SEVERAL days. The time to act is NOW!

100% of ALL MONEY COLLECTED will go to aid.

Not all people know that we are a totally voluntary organization, so emphasize this point in your communications.

As 'Rotary Connects The World', I urge you to become a part of this Disaster Relief opportunity right here in our home zones.

Best regards, and Stay Safe In The Storm!


David Stovall
Treasurer, Rotary International, 2019-2020
Member, RI Board of Directors, 2018-2020

To make a contribution and help, please click link for instructions and thank you!