Blue Badge Requirements

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Congratulations for starting your journey in learning more about Rotary and reaching the Blue Badge level. Your Rotary sponsor can help you through the process and can sign off on your requirements. 

This is a list of your requirements to accomplish. You can get the printed version from Gary Mah or pick up a copy on the back table during a meeting:

  1. Committee assignment
  2. Attend a board meeting
  3. Give a 2-minute classification talk
  4. Know the board members' names
  5. Know officers names
  6. Know club number
  7. Know district number
  8. Know attendance policy
  9. Know where and how to make up a meeting
  10. Understand membership in Paul Harris fellowship (EREY)
  11. Know sustaining member procedures
  12. Know club statistics: # of members, #women in club, Year the club was founded
  13. Served 2 weeks as a greeter at our morning meeting
  14. Sold the Queen of Hearts lottery
  15. Signed up on MyRotary

Good luck and please let us know if you have any questions!